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Dysthymia, the symptoms of which are similar to buy dutasteride online of recurrent depression, can begin as early as adolescence. Compared with a recurrent disorder, its manifestations are less pronounced and stretched over time - for two years or more. And only a professional can separate the constitutional and personal characteristics of a person from the symptoms of the disease. Below are the main signs that must be present for at least two years in a row (in adolescence - 1 year). There may be episodes of improvement lasting no more than a few weeks.

The longer a person is sick, the worse his quality of life becomes - other diseases join (addiction to psychoactive substances, panic attacks, social phobia), and the transition of avodart pills to bipolar affective disorder is also possible. If the disorder is not treated, against the background of the above described signs of dysthymia, pronounced depressive episodes occur - the so-called double depressions. The diagnosis is made by a psychotherapist after a clinical and anamnestic examination. It includes an assessment of symptoms, the order in which they appear, and their connection with events in a person's life - stress, overload, trauma, infectious or other diseases.

To confirm the diagnosis, a clinical psychologist performs a pathopsychological examination. It gives a conclusion about the characteristics of the patient's personality and reveals deviations of cognitive processes (thinking, memory, attention). For differential diagnosis, instrumental and laboratory studies are carried out. Psychotherapy. From the point of view of evidence-based medicine, the direction of choice is cognitive-behavioral therapy, however, depending on the specific situation, personal characteristics, as well as the preferences of the client, rational, family, group psychotherapy, biofeedback therapy or psychoanalytic therapy are used.

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Some researchers attribute dysthymia to personality disorders (congenital character traits). This confirms that the main method of treatment is psychotherapy, that is, the joint work of the patient and the doctor on attitudes, attitudes towards life, the ability to deal with symptoms and achieve goals. Drug therapy is aimed at neutralizing the symptoms of dysthymia and maintaining the mood and emotional-volitional sphere of the individual within the normal range. Medical way out of the state of dutasteride depression allows the development of psychotherapeutic intervention.

Treatment of associated diseases - secondary diseases that have developed against the background of dysthymia. substance dependence, panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia. Also included in this group are general medical diseases, the course of which can renew dysthymia in a predisposed person. To buy avodart online these diseases and ensure the adequacy of treatment, a full diagnosis by a psychotherapist is required.